I’M LORENA. Thank you for joining me in this new journey I am taking in my life. It has not been easy but it has definitely been worth it. Not just for myself but for my daughter’s lives as well. Self mind exploration has been key to how I’ve overcome adversities in my pursuit of happiness.

Nothing can prepare you for life but having someone help guide you who has gone through a few struggles can definitely help. I can remember looking back as long as I can go, hey it hasn’t been that long, and always wishing I could have someone to talk to. Like always! The sad truth about my life’s beginnings is that I didn’t have that someone who could’ve made a difference in my life, so I had to become that person.

I believe this other someone could’ve changed, altered or just enlightened my course in life, or at least made it a bit more bearable. Instead I grew up feeling alone my whole childhood and this caused me to become an introvert and I began to do the only thing I could do, talk to myself.

Talking to myself was not just as a way to playing pretend as a child, but as a way for survival. I knew there was a way to a better life and one day I would find it. All the adults around me didn’t seem to have a clue. Little did I know that once I started college I would become in love with the science of Psychology. I finally knew there was a reason(s) for all the madness in this world and the worst part is that most of us go through life and die never knowing this!

After countless books read, college and a life of many struggles, I came to realize I needed to share what I know in the hopes of helping others. I realize the need of women needing someone to talk is so real and so necessary that I could not hold back any longer. I don’t claim to know much, but enough to know that it has worked for me. Little by little I will share the real struggles this girl has had to overcome all while keeping myself sane in a world of so much useless grief.

I’m not saying this journey will be easy, I am saying it will be worth it. Your life is worth it, you children’s lives are worth it, your marriage is worth it. For whatever your reason is, thank you for joining me in our new journey! Let’s get started…

“Turn you Poison into Honey”

Lorena Frith