As a mother of three girls, women’s day happens more than once a year, this is an every day thing for me. While I am grateful this day was dedicated specifically for us ladies, it still feels like it’s too little. I always try to teach my girls to be proud who they were born because it’s such a beautiful gender but also comes full of responsibilities. All I can do is try my best to guide them as much as I can by giving them the best advice that I can. Although I can go on for hours talking to them, and I have, here is my short version advice that I always give my girls.

Wome’s Day is Every Day
Women’s Day is Every Day

Things are changing for us and I could not be happier about it. My mother grew up in a time when women were good for one thing and one thing only, to have kids. I grew up in a time where women had to choose between being a good mom or good at work, according to society. My hope is that my girls will grow up in a time where they will not have to choose. Women will not have to settle for one or another but both will be equally important in our lives because we can do both.

My girls know that although I won’t tell them what they should pursue in their life as a career, I do demand that they get a higher education. This is step one for me. After high school they need to get a higher education no matter what. If you have a natural talent, then develop it as much as you can as young as you can. There is so much free education online right now that there are no excuses. Get your girls off their video games and into some craft or activity to develop their talents and creativity. Although this is not for everyone, it’s always a good idea to try many different things.

After their education, young ladies need to learn to be independent on themselves. This has been the part where I remember older ladies saying how a girl just needed to find a man who would support them. As long as we found a man who would pay for our stuff, we had it made. You know what happens when someone else pays for your things? It means you have to give something in return. Your freedoms is the price to pay, so it’s never free! Your freedom is priceless so never ever give it up. A woman should never depend on a man for three things: finances, love and happiness. This is our responsibility to find on our own for ourselves no matter what. The sooner we learn this the better and during this young time is the best time of all. If we skip this step, you will wake up in your forties still looking for a man to give you love and happiness when it’s been inside you all along.

After independence and only after should you consider a union with someone who respects your independence as much as you do. This union should be based on love and respect and mutual goals in life. Your goals don’t have to be his goals and his goals don’t have to be your goals. Heck you should never even share the same bank account! It’s ok to have different goals in life as long as you both respect your paths but choose to pursue them together. Marriage should be a partnership and never a place where you feel controlled or manipulated in any way. You should always feel free to be yourself, to make your own choices and decisions without feeling judged.

Enter parenting. Yes, only then should parenting come into your life. Whoever thinks children should be having children has no idea what parenting takes: Finances, planning, caring, comforting, loving, sharing, compassion, patience, and so much more. Parenting is overwhelming! I honestly feel like an associates degree should be required to become parents. These are the future humans of the world after all. It’s not like they are one of our pets we get to play around with. These are the humans who will make up the future generations and if we don’t know how to parent, they for sure won’t. Come on, where are the parenting classes in high school?! Honestly, they have a sowing class but they don’t have parenting classes? I really hope they change this in the future because we have so many young parents who have absolutely no idea how to raise their kids because they’re still trying to raise themselves.

Woman. This word is filled with so much beauty and potential that it fills me up with so much pride. We often go undervalued and under appreciated but you know what, we have become an even stronger gender because of it. We have so much love to give that it doesn’t take much for us to want to share it with the world. We are definitely tough cookies! What makes us stronger is that we love companionship and sharing. We love holding each other up and have learned to not care what anyone else thinks. We all make mistakes but we are quick to realize them and make a change. This is me hoping to make a difference in a young woman’s life. I have three smart and talented daughters that I believe will make the world a much better place for many generations to come.

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