I have kept a journal and planner for years. I like to write my To-Do lists weeks and months in advance. They not only help keep me up to date with the things I have to do, but they also give me something to look forward to. It encourages me to hustle hard because my reward is coming. As it turned out this past week didn’t look too eventful. I had a couple of things to do but nothing really stood out.

Then the week happened and it threw my planner upside down. On a spur of the moment I was asked to join my sisters on a trip to my hometown where my mother and family lives. Everything seemed to just work out for me and I said heck yes, I grabbed my bag and off we went.

A week I wasn’t expecting turned out to be one of my favorites experiences of the year! Being together with my mother and sisters is like heaven for me. Nothing compares to a room filled with laughter surrounded by my loved ones. This was a mini miracle that was so unexpected and one I am now so immensely grateful for.

“Make time to be with loved ones a priority. Don’t come up with excuses, say YES and never doubt your decision.”

What I learned from this is to never feel bound by what we only think is likely to happen but always expect the unexpected. Nothing is set in stone and always be open to new experiences and embrace them with open arms. Never think you have it all figured out or planned out. It’s good to go outside the box sometimes and take a chance on something new. This is what keeps life interesting and fun.

I could’ve came up with a million reasons why I couldn’t go and while some may have been legit they would’ve just been excuses. I decided to look at every possibility instead and just say yes. Sometimes that’s all it takes, just saying yes and not doubting your decision. I mean how sad it would’ve been for me if I hadn’t experienced this table or this sunset in my life, right?


So say yes to life, say yes to new and unexpected experiences that will leave a lifetime of happy memories! You never ever know what will come out from it. You just have to believe and take a chance. Sometimes when I get asked: “so what are you going to do?” I like to reply with “I HAVE NO IDEA!” I am always open to everything and anything. So long as I am with my loved ones, I don’t care what it is we do. We can merely stay in and talk loud and laugh even louder and I am guaranteed the best moments of my life because nothing else comes near this.

They say to always expect the unexpected and to that I say Hell Yeah!

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